Leadership Team - Coach Anna Casas
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Leadership Team

The capacity to inspire other people


Adressed to people who want to work on their personal and professional development.

Today people make the difference in their organizations. And the key point of this difference is leadership. 

How do you see yourself as a leader?  

Developing leadership is a continuous process; it starts with oneself and afterwards it can be shared with and brought to the other people in the groups and teams that we belong to: our company, the family, the school, our friends.  

The continuous transformation of the leader brings value to the people around –greater wellbeing to the individual, profit to the company and harmony to the community. As a leader, I cannot change people. What I can do is create the conditions that allow both people and the system to change. 

Coaching, mentoring and supervision create the space and time to reflect and develop the capabilities needed in the leadership of XXI century: presence, inspiration, appreciation, effective communication, pro-activity, resilience, authority, impact, empathy, ethics, commitment, confidence, integrity, support, wide vision and practice the “walking together”. 

I work individually and in teams. 


Anna Casas. Executive coaching, team coaching, systemic facilitation, supervision, mindfulness, training


Email: anna@coachannacasas.com

Tel.: +34 620 84 67 68

Passeig Gaudí, 7, 4t 1a

17820 Banyoles (Girona)

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