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Executive reflection

Executive reflection: Why?

To improve our way of thinking, our decision taking, our relationships, our working ambiance and to achieve better results


Addressed to small and medium size companies and start-ups.



Many executives from small and medium size companies and start-ups feel quite lonely in their position and they miss the possibility to be able to dialogue with someone who can really understand and accompany them in the decision making process. 

Those conversations are there to examine, to observe, to revise, to look at, to evaluate, to ask, to correct, to question our own way of thinking. 

The possibility to express loud our thoughts, ideas and worries generate a new vision, a new perspective. We learn from this dialogue and this learning is the basis for changing our way of thinking and the options we see. 

I offer executive reflection and I understand reflection as the ability to think about the past, in the present moment, for the future. 

What can be the results of this dialogue, reflection and learning? 

The results are: 

  • Better personal relationships 
  • Better decision-making 
  • Improved commitment between parts 
  • Continuous leadership development 
  • Improved communication 
  • Fewer conflicts 
  • Stress reduction 
  • Improved results 
  • Improved the working ambiance 
  • Better perception of wellbeing and happiness 


Anna Casas. Executive coaching, team coaching, systemic facilitation, supervision, mindfulness, training


Email: anna@coachannacasas.com

Tel.: +34 620 84 67 68

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