The Family - Coach Anna Casas
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The Family


Dear moms and dads, 

For me, being a mother and creating a family is the most important job in my life. I understand you feel the same, even though sometimes we do not experience it this way… 

Creating a good family life and strong relationships is a full time job in itself. I love sharing the coaching, mindfulness, supervision and NLP tools to support parents educate their children in order to help them develop more self-confidence and self-esteem so that they can make their own best decisions and lead the life they choose. 

I offer a confidential space where you can talk without being judged and where I accompany you to define your goals and find the action steps needed to reach them. 


These are some of the subjects I work with one-to-one and in workshops: -The family as a team 

  • How values are been transmitted 
  • How to growing confidence and self-esteem in young people 
  • Communication in the family 
  • Life-work balance 
  • How to manage emotions 
  • How to reduce stres

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